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About Us
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Shikaze Chiropractic is a second-generation family owned and operated clinic. Dr. Thomas Shikaze practiced chiropractic for 41 years until his retirement in 2019. His son, Dr. Zen Shikaze began his practice in 2018 along side his father and has continued to provide their patients with the utmost care. Dr. Zen Shikaze’s techniques consist of spinal & extremity manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, rehabilitative exercise, and custom orthotic casting.


A health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the neuro-musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health. There is an emphasis on manual treatments including spinal adjustment and other joint and soft-tissue manipulation.

    -  World Federation of Chiropractic, 2001


  • Improve neck, shoulder, back and body movement

  • Improve posture & flexibility

  • Relief from headaches, neck and back pain

  • Prevention of muscle and joint injuries

  • Enhance athletic performance

  • Relief of pregnancy-related backache

  • Correction of gait and foot conditions

Our Services


Initial Assessment​
15 min Phone Interview
30 min Physical Assessment

A phone interview will be scheduled to discuss the areas of injury and discomfort and to go over some background health history. A physical assessment will be scheduled where the chiropractor will examine, diagnose and go over a specific treatment plan for your condition.

Doctor and Patient

Subsequent Visit​
15 min  I   $55.00

These are the treatments following your initial assessment to get you back on your feet and doing the activities you most enjoy.

Treatments may include:

  • Spinal/extremity manipulation & mobilizations (SMT/EMT)

  • Myofascial release therapy (MRT)

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (IASTM)

  • Low level laser therapy (Class IIIB)

Osteopath at Work

ICBC Initial Assessment

15 min Phone Interview

30 min Physical Assessment

An ICBC initial assessment is valid for new and current patients at our clinic who have sustained an injury due to a recent motor vehicle accident with a valid claim number. Make sure to let the front-end staff know if this is an ICBC claim.


Custom Orthotics​

30 min  I   Prices Vary

Get the proper support for your feet and body. Orthotics help with your body's spatial awareness, posture, and overall comfort.

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We accept many major insurance providers. 


We offer direct billing with many major insurance providers:

  • Pacific Blue Cross, Medavie Blue Cross, Alberta Blue Cross

  • Sun Life Financial

  • Green Shield Canada

  • Telus eClaims: Canada Life, Manulife, Claim Secure, iA Financial Group, Desjardins, Johnson, and more

If your insurance provider is not on the list, you may be able to submit your receipts through your provider to help cover the costs of your chiropractic care.

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